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Thank you for taking your time to visit the Eagle Hoist & Winch Company web site.  Eagle Hoist & Winch Company manufactures and fabricates new replacement parts for Clyde Iron Works winches and manufactures new winches in which all parts and components are interchangable with Clyde Iron Works winches.  In addition, Eagle Hoist & Winch Company manufactures new winches to meet the standards, specifications and requirements of your particular application. 


Located in Titusville, Pennsylvania, Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is a subsidiary of E & K Equipment, Inc., a corporation which has been remanufacturing winches for lifting applications, mooring duty, anchor duty and barge positioning applications and hoists for tower erection, building construction and elevator service as well other applications for more than 40 years.

Originally situated in the town of Library, near Pittsburgh, E & K Equipment, Inc. began operations more than 40 years ago rebuilding and remanufacturing used equipment. In 1995, after outgrowing the original location, E & K Equipment, Inc. relocated to northwestern Pennsylvania where we have ample space to grow and provide excellent service for our Customers.

Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is a natural offspring of the remanufacturing E & K Equipment, Inc. has carried out for so many years.  Eagle Hoist & Winch Company was a logical next step - the creation of a new hoist and winch design; Eagle hoists and winches.  We believe they are superior to other hoists and winches available today in terms of manufacturing quality, machine design and overall value.  We are capable of manufacturing systems from a basic, fundamental unit to highly specialized, technologically advanced systems, depending on your requirements. We can build systems which are perfectly suited to your application.
Eagle Hoist & Winch Company and E & K Equipment, Inc. are your one-stop shops for hoists and winches as well as rebuilt marine and construction equipment.  We are capable of engineering and manufacturing equipment matched to your specific application. We are always glad to answer your questions.  We offer training and support for all the products we supply and you can count on our eagerness to help your company find solutions to even the most difficult tasks.

Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is dedicated to manufacturing the safest machines possible while providing our Customers with systems custom designed to meet the needs of the application.  Safety, competitive prices, carefully engineered machines and dedication to providing the highest quality service combine to make Eagle Hoist & Winch Company the best choice for all your lowering, pulling and lifting needs.  We hope you will let E & K Equipment, Inc. and Eagle Hoist & Winch Company supply your company with the equipment you need at highly competitive prices.

Provide us with the
line-pull your application requires and the line speed you need to achieve, the type of power you prefer, the number of drums necessary for the job and a description of your application and we will provide a you with a quote for a new Eagle hoist or winch.  Again, thank you for taking your time to visit our web site.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Power Units
At Eagle Hoist & Winch Company we are able to provide you with the type of power unit best suited for the job.  Hydraulic, Electric, Diesel, Gas or combination power units are available.  We fabricate the power unit housings from high-quality, American-made steel and the power supply, whichever you choose, is manufactured using top of the line components.  All new Eagle hoists & winches come with a warranty on parts and service.
Eagle Hoist & Winch Company will engineer a power unit that will give you the line pull and line speed required by your application. 
Working with a team of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers, Eagle Hoist & Winch Company has developed a compact, durable modular power pack system which is able, when necessary, to be located away from the Operator, easy to access for service and has attractive styling. 
The electric-hydraulic power unit incorporates the motor and fluid reservoir (the size of each being determined by the requirements of the application), pump, tank heater, oil cooler and motor starter box with the disconnect box mounted on the outside of the module. 
The module is completely enclosed with breather panels in two sides for ventilation.     
The electric-hydraulic  power unit will easily attach to the hoist or winch. 
The unique design allows for easy connection and disconnection of the power unit from the hoist or winch.
Our diesel or diesel-hydraulic power units are available with John Deere, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz or other manufacturers and are offered as Tier I, II, III or IV units.
Provide us with the parameters of your application and we will design a system that will do the job safely, reliably and economically.  We will make every effort to work within your budget to engineer a system that will save you and your company time and money. 
Call us today for a quote.  We appreciate your time and thank you for visiting the E & K Equipment, Inc. / Eagle Hoist & Winch Company web site.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.
Eagle Products
     We are the nation's leading supplier of replacement Clyde Iron Works parts and components.  All of our drums, gears and other metal components are manufactured in the United States.
     Eagle Hoist & Winch Company manufactures new hoists, winches as well as power units for existing machines.   We specialize in diesel-hydraulic power conversions from diesel & gas for existing hoists and winches, but our versatility, innovation and ability to solve problems allows us to solve even the trickiest power problems for our Customers.
     Eagle Hoist & Winch Company manufactures new hoists, winches and power units.  With its parent company, E & K Equipment, Inc., Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is capable of engineering the best possible system for your specific application. 

     Manufactured from top of the line materials and components, our products are designed to provide years of safe, dependable service for our Customers.  Our hoists and winches are designed with safety and quality foremost in mind. 

     All Eagle Hoist & Winch Company products are manufactured with the needs of our Customers in mind. 

     The completed unit, depending on your requirements, may be a completely new Eagle system or a combination of a remanufactured hoist or winch and a new Eagle power unit.



Position Controller
     An optional electronic position controller is available on Eagle hoists & winches for remote Operator applications.  It is internally driven from hydraulic motors at the point at which they drive the drum.  An optional touch screen may be mounted to the control center which exchanges common information between the Operator and the hoist.

     The control unit is redundant as a fail-safe for any necessary overspeed / overwind situations as well as for height and depth control and emergency stopping.   This control unit provides minimal graphics which offer a visual simulation of work in progress for the Operator, should it be desired. 

     The touch screen allows the Operator to continually reset the operating range with little effort and without leaving the command center; a safety practice which is sometimes disregarded with other systems.



(Multi-Point Braking System)
     We have designed an optional braking system for critical load-holding applications that we believe to be far superior to any available.   Our optional M.P.B.S. incorporates two independent disc brakes.     

     Both are located at the drum flanges where they work as closely to the load as possible.   The first is a spring-applied caliper which is hydraulically released and acts as an emergency fail-safe should a loss of electrical power or hydraulic pressure occur.  
     Secondly, the hoist integrates another disc brake, located on the opposing side of the drum from the first brake.  The brake is manually activated by a foot pedal and is used for service positioning. Both the first and second brake are capable of 150% of the load rating for both stopping and holding.  Our M.P.B.S. system also functions as a safety brake.
      The third brake system consists of two sealed hoist brakes, independently mounted on each side of the drum which act, in unison as well as independently, as a fail-safe and a parking brake. These are spring-applied and hydraulically released. They are controlled by a push-button on the joystick.
      On luffing drums we install a spring-applied disc brake which acts as a fail-safe and service brake which is Operator controlled by a foot pedal.  There is a spring-applied, hydraulically-released brake between the motor and the running gear which functions as a parking brake, also.   This brake is Operator controlled by a push-button on the joystick and will engage in the event of a loss of electrical power or hydraulic pressure.
      This Multi-Point Braking System was designed to offer our Customers the highest degree of safety available in the industry.


Operator Controls
The Operator controls the hoist from an optional ergonomically designed seat.  Our unit integrates a limit switch to insure that the Operator remains at the unit controls at all times.  For applications requiring electric drives, the electric motor is started and stopped from the Operator's chair and an emergency stop is also included.  As an option an adjustable chair with integrated controllers as well as pedals may be installed.


Gear Reduction for High-Abrasive Environments
     Gear reduction for high-abrasive environment units may be provided by utilizing two optional planetary gear reduction drives, which are installed inside the load drum, and one gear reduction drive unit inside the luffing drum complete with a matching gear reduction case and bearing opposite for uniformity.  

     By using this drive system, all moving gear parts and bearings are sealed to make the system less exposed to the influences of the elements and the environment.  This greatly extends the life of the system while lowering maintenance costs and down-time for your company.